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Tips on Mastering the Art of Layering

The majority of guys you see on the streets are wearing just one layer of clothing (Shirt & Trousers), maximally two layers of clothing (Jacket or a buttoned up shirt as an outer layer). But as autumn and winter approaches, you will start to see men wearing three or four layers of clothing due to the change in the weather. The coldness of the weather causes layering to be a necessity to keep warm for both men and women. Nevertheless, you can still look cool and stylish whilst layering your clothes.

The idea of layering is very simple, which is to put on a piece of clothing over another piece of clothing. Although it might sound simple, but it will still make your outfit look sloppy and unfashionable if you do not know the proper way to layer your clothes. So, before I move on to the tips on mastering the art of layering, there are three things that you should keep in mind when it comes to layering. The three things are patterns, color combinations and textures. These key factors are vital for layering your outfit and helps add variety and uniqueness to your autumn and winter look. Now let’s move on to the tips.

Always Layer Thinner Clothing First
This is very important because you definitely don’t want to look unbalanced when layering your outfit. Besides, layering from thin to thick also adds a sense of comfort and depth to your outfit. Furthermore, layering with this technique will also make it easier to cope with the surrounding temperature. For example, when you are outdoors on a cold winter’s day, the multiple layers of clothing can help keep you warm. On the other hand, you might start to feel warmer when you are indoors, but all you have to do is just remove the outer thicker layers of your clothing to cool down as the inner layers are thinner and can allow more air to flow through it.

You must consider the patterns of your clothing when layering them. Avoid wearing clothes with complicated patterns when layering as it will increase the chances of having clashing patterns and would make your outfit go horribly wrong. To overcome this problem, try wearing clothes that have simpler and lesser patterns. If you are aiming for a minimalist style, wearing plain clothing when layering will do just fine. Besides, keep away from wearing clothes that have the same pattern. It would look weird if you were to wear both checks as an inner wear as well as an outer wear, so alternate patterns when you layer your clothing

The biggest problem that most men face when layering their outfit is colors. The risk of the color of your outfit clashing is extremely high when wearing numerous layers. Thus, you should consider all your options when choosing the colors of your layered outfit so that they compliment each other. You also want to make sure that you don’t mess up your outfit by layering with too many colors. Keep it at a maximum of two colors, but do add different shades of the same color to your outfit for more variation.

Creative Layering Styles:

Although shirts are mostly worn alone or as an outer piece, layering other clothes on top of a buttoned up shirt is starting to become a trend in today’s fashion. For instance, you can wear a blazer or a knit over your shirt for a chic and sophisticated look. You can also layer your shirt with a jumper for a simple and cool look. This outfit will also go well with a third piece like a parka on a freezing winter’s day.

Sweaters are so ideal for layering that most designers agreed that they were made for layering. It is indeed complicated when layering sweaters, but as mentioned above, always keep it simple. For example, crewneck sweaters are perfect for layering. Other layering options for sweaters are shawl collar sweaters, v-neck sweaters, and quarter-zip pullover sweaters. Experiment with different types of sweaters and choose one that suits you the most.

Layering is easier said than done. Due to it being a necessity as the colder season approaches, it is important to know the stylish options for layering. Hopefully, these tips has helped you master the art of layering and will help you look trendy in this coming autumn and winter


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