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Tips For Buying A Formal Shirt

Formal shirts are and have always been versatile fashion. As the name suggests, it is mostly worn during formal occasions or places, but in fact these shirts can be good for wearing even on a daily basis. They can be worn by both men and women, but are more generally worn by men. So if you’re thinking of making your life easier with this versatile piece of clothing, here are some tips for you to choose a suitable formal shirt.

Shirt Size
Size is the most important that has to be determined first before buying a shirt. What does it mean to choose the perfect and most accurate shirt size for your body? The size of the shirt should be determined by the sleeve size and its length, shoulder broadness and the length from the neck to lower back.

If you found the shirt that are in your size, it is always important to make sure that the fitting of the shirt is just right so that you will feel comfortable wearing it. The first way of checking is to make sure that you can easily and freely move your hands when the sleeves are let down. The cuffs of the sleeves should ending directly below your wrists. Secondly, button the shirt fully and check that there is at least a gap of two fingers between the collar and the neck.

Style of Shirt
There are a few common shirt styles that you can consider namely slim fit, regular fit and full fit. Shirt styles can be determined according to a person’s own stature and build. Slim fit shirts are has a tighter fit around the body and will look best if you have an athletic build with a slimmer torso. Regular fit is a little bit looser and is ideal for more muscular men. Full fit is the loosest among the three shirt fits.

Shirt Material
It is better to choose a shirt that is made of 100% cotton. Dress shirts are generally made of lightweight and fine cotton which makes it comfortable to wear even for long hours. Cotton is a great choice because it is also good for the skin compared to other synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Flannel, chambray and linen material are used to make up more casual shirts. Denim shirts are also in trend.

Shirt Patterns
The pattern and color of the shirt you want to buy also plays a big role. Lighter shades generally brings out a more subtle mood and is pleasing to the eyes. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can always opt for bright and bold colors. Before going for patterned shirts, shirts with solid colors are a staple in your wardrobe because they match well with almost every outfit. If you want something with more variation, striped and checkered shirts are the basic patterns that you can consider.

Follow these tips and hopefully you will be able to choose the perfect shirt for different occasions.


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