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Plus Size Beauty – The Basics

Plus size fashion has changed throughout the years. As time changes, plus size fashion has changed from something that’s not highly produced in the fashion industry to a style which has a steady rise of demand.
So what exactly is plus size fashion?
Plus size basically means “large size” and is a relatively modern term. It is made for people who are larger in size, or a less offensive way to call it is “curvy”. With a rise of blogs and social media, awareness has been raised that women larger than size 14 were lesser represented in the fashion world. Due to an increase in the need for fashionable plus size clothing, there are now many fashion designers who have plus size collections. Many stores and brands too now carry styles that will suit plus sized individuals.
As mentioned earlier, plus size fashion has changed. Back in the 1900s, plus size women didn’t have much access to fashionable and stylish clothes. But Lane Bryant was a game changer. She produced clothes for pregnant and expectant mothers but her creations were bought by plus sized women as well. Her style obviously got caught on by other designers who also started producing larger sized clothing.
Now, whether you are a size 12 or size 24, it is possible to look beautiful and fashionable with the wide variety of plus size clothing pieces that have been designed to make you look great for any occasion, like a day of hanging out with friends, for work or a fun night out.
Choosing the perfect fit is one of the most important plus size fashion rule. Avoid going for skin-tight or baggy clothes. The key is to wear clothes according to your exact dimension, not too big nor too small. This will allow you to flaunt your curves comfortably and confidently.
As it is pretty hard to find clothing that fit the exact size, some people opt for tailor made clothes. But if you do find a store which carry clothes that fit your cutting, don’t hesitate! When you come across clothing that looks good on you, don’t miss it. Buy that blouse, skirt dress or pants that fits you like a glove in several other colors or patterns. A chance like this is hard to come by.
An amazing way to camouflage weight is to choose the correct colors. Black and other darker colors will in fact, make things look smaller. Darker colors can indeed create a lean and trimmer look. In addition to that, make sure you in add in a pop of color to your outfit to make your look “pop”! Try wearing some colorful jewelleries or play around with different types of fabric. We will discuss more on fabric in the next Plus Size Beauty post.
To sum it all up, plus sized is beautiful if you know your body shape and what will accent your curves. Stay tuned for our next installment on our Plus Size Beauty series.


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