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Minimalist Fashion for Men

Minimalism has becoming increasingly popular. People are not only interested in minimalist living, but minimalist fashion is also becoming a trend. The key of this look is simplicity and naturalness. The minimalist look is neat and is usually a combination of plain color and different textures. However, one cannot simply throw on different pieces of clothing and call it a minimalist outfit. It does require quite some effort to look effortless, which is the key feature of the minimalist look.

Before we get started on minimalist styles, it is important to understand the basics of minimalist fashion. Colors tell a lot about a person’s mood and style they are going for. For example, bright and warm colors give off a vibrant and energetic feel. But in this case, minimalist looks are clutter-free and neat, made of neutrals.
Subtle color and tones make a great minimalist outfit. You could play with different shades and pick off-white or eggshell white colored clothing instead of just plain white. However, keep in mind to choose the correct tone to make sure your outfit doesn’t look too washed out. Don’t be afraid to wear head-to-toe neutrals as it is a fashion trend these days. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your clothing and accessories in the same color tone instead of having contrasting hues. Remember we are going for simplicity and minimalism.
Now we’ve covered the basics, here are three ways to get you started on this effortless look.

Casual Look
If there is one piece of clothing every single man own, it would be a T-shirt. This cotton clothing is a staple for every man’s wardrobe. Here’s another tip, monochrome is the easiest for you to look minimalist. A white T-shirt paired with dark colored or black trousers will let you easily pull off the minimalist look without fail. This simple outfit does not only create an elegant minimalist look, but it is also stylish in a low-key way.

Relaxed but Stylish
Blazers and suits can also add style to your minimalist outfit. For a summer or more relaxed look, wear a white t-shirt and layer it with a beige colored blazer with navy trousers or shorts. Lastly, wear brown shoes to complete your outfit. Mix and match the color of your blazer, t-shirt and trousers well to pull off the minimalist look well. You could wear a light grey tee with a mid-tone blazer with darker colored trousers.

Asian Cuts
Japanese flowy cuts and fine linen fabrics can create a relaxed and cool silhouette which will make a perfect minimalist look for summer. Japanese linen and cotton fabrics would be perfect for a hotter, more humid weather as it is thinner. On the other hand, mandarin collars and wide sleeves would be best for warmer seasons.

Rocker Look
A typical rock look would be complete with a jacket, jeans and boots. But again, keep in mind that it is a minimalist look you are going for, so your clothes should be plain and neat. If you wear jackets, make sure it is clean and free from any distress or embellishments. Your t-shirts should be well ironed and smoothened, and your jeans should be neat as well. Instead of wearing leather boots, complete the look with a pair or low top white trainers or sneakers.

Minimalism can sometimes be considered as boring and some people might say that it is plain. But nowadays, minimalism is very much preferred as it offers a subtle and quite tone in this loud and bustling world. We hope these tips have helped you better understand minimalist fashion and have more insight on its style.


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