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Mask That Removes Blackheads Effectively

What is a blackhead? Well, many people know that it is black dots on the nose area that are visibly noticeable and can be annoying to some. It varies from localized to widespread areas. Usually it is found on the nose and chin area and will make the skin appear dirty and dull. It is not advisable to extract them if you are not skilled at it or else it will leave scars on the pores. Look for a reliable beautician to do the job for you. You can visit the beauty salon every fortnightly or buy a good mask that will help to remove the blackheads without hurting your skin. First of all we need to know about the structure of the skin.
The structure of the skin

The skin is the largest organ that covers the whole body. There are three main layers: the epidermis being the outer layer which consists of five layers of cells, the dermis which is the inner layer directly below the epidermis and it consists of collagen, the hair follicles rooted in this layer, nerves endings and blood capillaries. The most inner layer is the cuteneous layer that is made up of fats.
How do blackheads form?

Blackheads form due to the oil that is secreted by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicles which combine with the dead cells shed by the skin. These will gather in the skin pores. The residues in the pores will be accumulated if the skin is not properly taken care of. Oil secreted by the oil glands will act as a natural lubricant to flush out the dead cells. However, if the sebaceous gland is large, it usually causes the skin to be greasy. When this happens, the skin pores become sluggish due to the excess oil and will combine with the dead cells to form comedones. An opened comedo is called blackhead and a closed comedo is called whitehead. The tip of the opening pore is oxidized with air and also exposed to dirt in the environment it will become blackish in color. The closed comedo has no opening so the residue is trapped in the follicle and it is white or pale yellow in color.
Mask for removing blackheads

There are various types of masks in the market that claim to remove blackheads with excellent results. The type of mask which commonly used is the peel off mask in gel form. It adheres to the skin and effectively pulls out the blackheads when peeled off. It also removes dead cells on the surface of skin. The clay type of mask generally will exfoliate and remove blackheads. But if you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to use wash off masks rather than peel off masks. The wash off mask does not set on your skin when it is dry so it will not give you a stiff feeling. They are in gel, cream or even in clay form. When you buy over the counter, always look for the mask that is suitable for your skin type and condition. Read the instructions carefully before you buy them. Taking care of the skin and removal of blackheads is an ongoing thing which you cannot neglect. So be diligent to pay attention to the skin care you use. Visit the beautician at least once a month to do a thorough clean up even if you use mask at home.

Basically, all masks are essential to the skin. Different types of masks will meet various skin conditions and types. There are mask for hydration, anti aging, acne, whitening etc. Blackheads need to be removed consistently in order to maintain smooth skin. Since the skin is a living organ, as long you live, if your oil glands are active there will always be blackheads. Where aging is concerned, we need to look after our lifestyles, food and beverages and use the right skin care products.


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