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Introduction to Men’s Dress Shirt

What are dress shirts? Dress shirts are button up shirts that come with a collar as well as sleeves that reaches all the way to the wrist. They are uniquely cut and are designed to be worn for formal occasions. These shirts are also introduced because of the inability of sport shirts to be worn as formal wear. Wouldn’t it be weird if someone were to wear a sport shirt together with a suit and tie?

Although dress shirts are meant to be worn with suits and ties, but they can also be worn on their own, without being accompanied by anything. There is a huge variety of dress shirts available in the market, infinite choices of shirt collars, cuff styles, buttons, pockets, colors, and patterns that you can select from. Besides, it is only recommended to wear short-sleeve dress shirts if they are to be worn alone. Avoid wearing them with suits or jackets as it would look awkward due to their lack of sleeves. Now, let’s move on to the details of a dress shirt.

The Perfect Fit
First off, let us discuss about the most important thing about dress shirts, the fitting! It is encouraged to wear a shirt that fits just right because it will help you stand out and improve your appearance. The perfect dress shirt should fit properly at the neck, shoulders, chest, sleeves, and stomach. Even so, it is hard to find the perfect dress shirt because all men have different body builds, and there is no large scale shirt manufacturer that has the ability to design shirts that can fit everyone.

As a result, you might find shirts that fits well at the shoulders, but the sleeves just seems to be a bit too short, or shirts that have the perfect sleeve length, but are a little too large at the shoulders and chests. If you so happen to find a manufacturer that produce the perfect dress shirt for you, then that would be great. But if you can’t, it is encouraged to consider custom shirts in order to get the perfect fit.
So, here is a brief introduction on the different features of a man’s dress shirt.

Solid Patterns
If you are aiming for a simpler look, solid shirts are the ones for you. Besides, going for a solid patterned shirt allows the wearer to highlight the other features of the shirt like the collar, cuffs, and most importantly draws attention to the wearer’s face.

Stripes Patterns
Striped shirts are a little less formal than solid shirts, but it definitely adds some excitement to the wearer’s attire. The most recommended color combination would be a classic white and black striped shirt. Besides, it is possible to wear a striped shirt with a striped tie, but make sure that the distances between the stripes are different for a more appealing look.

Like most clothing, white shirts are very versatile and are the most common shirts. Until today, white dress shirts are still known as the most formal shirts and have the ability to offer the wearer a sophisticated and timeless look.

Blue shirts are introduced later than white shirts, but they are just as attractive as white shirts. This is because of their ability to blend well with most men’s hair color and skin tone. It also offers a warmer feel to the wearer as compared to white shirts.

Cuff Styles:
Cuffs play an important role in a shirt, because it is one of the only parts that are visible when a suit or jacket is worn. The ideal length of a cuff should be around one full inch past the suits sleeve.

Button cuffs
These are the standard cuffs of a dress shirt. They usually come with just one button, but some of them come with two buttons side by side, which offers adjustability to the cuffs.

French cuffs
This is the most formal cuff style that you can find. If your profession requires you to wear a formal outfit everyday, consider wearing a shirt with French cuffs. French cuffs are created by folding the cuff back and fastening them with cufflinks, providing a distinctive and unique look.

Collar style:
A collar is not only used to hold a tie in place, but it also frames your face and draws the observer’s focus to your eyes.

Point Collars
This collar style is designed so that the points appear near to each other, which will result in hiding some of the top parts of your tie. Nevertheless, point collars will help you fetch a youthful and stylish look.

Turndown Collars
If you want to dress like a gentleman, go for a dress shirt with a turndown collar. The collars are turned down, which offers a triangular shape. The angles of the triangles are different for every shirt, so pick one that suits your liking.

So, if you are just entering into the world of dress shirts, it is recommended to go for something that is more versatile so that they can be worn with most of the suits and ties in your wardrobe.  Hopefully this introduction has widened your view on formal wear and that your wardrobe will be filled with dress shirts that suit your style and personality.


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