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How to Pick the Perfect Suit for Men

Are you still unsure of the perfect suit to wear for an upcoming job interview? Well, here are some awesome tips on selecting the best suit for you whether you are wearing it as an everyday outfit in your workplace or just for a close friend’s wedding. Despite the interesting cutting of the suit, the first thing that comes to our mind when judging a man’s suit is by its color! Besides, picking the right colored suit is also important in making a good first impression. There are some color that are perfect to wear for all events, but there are also some color that can make your look go horribly wrong if worn for the wrong occasion.

First and foremost, there is the black suit. This suit is very stylish and classy. With its ability to coordinate perfectly with most events, it is the ideal choice for a man’s first suit. If you are one of those men that rarely put on a suit, this suit will be just right for you, as it is very versatile and can match with most outfits. As an addition to that, a black suit adds a look of authority to your attire. Black suits are also perfect for formal occasions. If you are looking for an alternative to the black suit, navy-blue suits and charcoal grey suits can be a great substitute. However, if you limited to choose only one, the black suit is the most suitable for you due to its versatility.

If you are one of those businessmen that have to put on a suit on an everyday basis, then you should have a variety of suits in your closet. You do not want people to be looking at you wearing the same suit for a few weeks don’t you? Then you will definitely need more than one suit. There are different color available in the market, but the majority of men would own at least one of each base color, which is black, navy-blue, and charcoal grey. Navy-blue suits are one of the most commonly worn suits in this current generation. This is due to its ability to provide a youthful appeal which will be suitable teenagers and young adults. Another reason the navy-blue suit is being worn so often due to its elegant and traditional color. Charcoal grey suits on the other hand help portray a more mature look. Plus, a charcoal grey suit can be quite versatile as well, as it can be paired with both brown and black.

Moving on, brown suits cannot be neglected when it comes to selecting a suit to wear. The different shades of brown available in the market give a ton of options in matching outfits. Although the brown suit gives a more casual look, but the number of brown suits in workplaces are gradually increasing. This shows that brown men’s suit can also be appropriate for professional business, which adds another alternative to business attire. However, there are some companies that still stick to the old mindset, where only basic color like black, navy-blue, and charcoal grey are appropriate for business attire. Example of different brown suits are brown linen suits, brown tweed suits etc.

Last of all, there is the ivory suit, which is the classic among all classics. You may consider wearing an ivory color suit if you are attending a wedding. Ivory suits are perfect for occasions like this due to its perfect fit and proper cutting. If you wear this suit paired with the right shirt and tie, you will be able to fetch a well-groomed look. An example of ivory suits is the ivory-hued linen suit.

I’m sure you have the mastery of color in selecting a man’s suit in your hands after reading this article. Last Tip! Always remember to buy suits that can really represent who you are while shopping for your suit.


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