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Fashion Accessories-Jewelry

Wearing accessories is a great way to boost your appearance. Jewelry can be worn to complete your look with a striking finish. Statement jewelry adds confidence and makes your whole outfit standout with its bold designs. Modern jewelry usually include gold, platinum, silver and white gold in which some also has gems attached. In today’s post we will be discussing some tips on how to accessories your outfit with jewelry which consists of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more.
Firstly, it is important not to overdo it. When wearing jewelry, do not get carried away by wearing too many bold accessories that make your outfit look over-crowded. To complement jewelry with your outfit, make sure your outfit looks balanced. When you are wearing long or larger earrings, consider balancing out the weight to your arms or fingers with smaller accessories. Match the bold earrings with either a lightweight bracelet or a couple of rings. It is not advisable to wear statement earrings and necklaces together as there will be too much going on in the same area. Balance is the key to keeping your outfit pleasing to the eye.
Besides keeping your look balanced, the colors of your jewelry is also an important factor. Colors are always a great tool to express yourself. Try mixing vibrant colored jewelries together for an extra boost of confidence. But keep in mind that the colors of your jewelry should always complement each other and your outfit. Gemstones or beads which are bright colored should be worn against dark toned colored clothes to make your jewelry standout. Also avoid wearing clashing patterns and charms which will make your outfit look mismatched.
Lastly, complement your jewelry with your body shape and height. Someone who is petite should wear longer necklaces which will make their body look longer hence making them look taller. Elegant and slender necklaces are also good choices for someone who is smaller in size. While a person who is tall and has a larger frame will suit chunky and bold jewelries as well as chokers. Wearing chokers will also help flaunt your slender neckline.
All in all, the most important thing about wearing these fashion jewelry is that you love what you wear. Buy the accessories that reflects your personality best. This will make you confident and comfortable. It will also draw other people’s attention to both you and your vibes, be it subtle or bold.


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