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Different Types of Scarves

Scarves have been worn by men and women over the centuries. It is not new to us as we know that they are very versatile and practical for all seasons and any occasion. Some may think that a scarf is just a long square or triangle piece of cloth to wrap around the neck, head or shoulders. In actual fact, there is more than that. To name a few, they are Plain scarves, Ruffles scarves, Infinity scarves, and so on. We see so many types in the market and at times we are confused with the different types. We have no conclusion on which one to choose to buy. Here are some tips to help you pick the correct one.

Let’s start with the plain or basic scarf. Most men and women, young or old would prefer this one as they are simple and with one color or with patterns. Basically, this is a long broad cloth that keeps you warm depending on the length of the scarf which can be wrapped around the neck a few times. They are made with many types of materials like viscose, rayon, silk, wool etc. Most people own at least one or two of these scarves in different colors. This is the most common one and is easy to match with any kind of clothing from casual to smart casual and to formal. There is a very wide choice of patterns for this style of scarf that you can choose from. They are also available in various printings such floral, classic checks, some are even with tassels, lace fringe printings and so on.

There are categories of scarves which are based on the design and material used and is given the name. For example, the Ruffle scarf is one of the categories. It has ruffle hems which makes this design look fashionable yet it is able to help keep you warm. It adds style to the outfit and is suitable to complete your look during formal functions where a conservative outfit is required as the dress code such as attending the function at a church, convocation etc. This type of scarf also edifies the plain outfit that has no sleeves or collar. It looks elegant when it is well matched with the clothes you are wearing.

Infinity scarf is a circle or loop without end and can be looped around the neck or draped around the arms. It is suitable for both men and women. This type of scarf is very trendy and convenient. There are many collections of patterns for Infinity scarves. Some are bulky, fine knit, soft lace knit, hooded or super-long for bigger loops, etc. They look simple usually with one or multiple colors. This type of scarf is very much sought after for they are stylish, easy and practical to wear. If the scarf is long enough, it can be wrapped over the neck a few times or over the head to keep warm.

These few categories should help give you a clearer picture on the various types of scarves you may want to choose from. There are many more where you can find out from online stores and the stores that sell the latest trend of scarves.


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