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Different Types of Evening Gowns

Do you have a wedding dinner to attend but you still have no idea which type of dress will suit you? You’re at the right place. It is important to pick the one that will complement your body type, style and occasion to get heads turning towards you and make a lasting first impression. There are many designer evening gowns, but it is still best to know the different types of evening gowns so that you know which one to buy. Here are 5 popular long evening gown styles that will make a fashion statement.

Ball Gown
This timeless imperial type dress will definitely make you feel like royalty. It is suitable for those who are slender or pear-shaped as the full skirt will help emphasize the waist and bring less attention to the lower body. The fitted bodice will also help create an hourglass look by emphasizing the waistline if you have a large bust. If you are a petite, the ball gown will also suit you but it might create false and unwanted illusions due to the volume of the ball gown. Be sure to have a balanced look by wearing heels that will add height to your frame and not make you look like too heavy.

Mermaid Gown
The mermaid gown is a very sexy and appealing look as it accentuates your every curve. The mermaid silhouette will contour your body starting from your chest to your knee and then flare out dramatically to the edge of the dress. If you are slender, this style is the best for you regardless of your height. It is not well suited for those with fuller bodies but you can also pick this dress to further highlight your curves. The most important thing when wearing this design is to be confident in it. Not everyone is able to pull this style off, but if you have the perfect figure and feel comfortable and confident in it, the mermaid gown is the one for you.

Sheath Dress
This style has a long and sleek design which is great for someone who is not on the tall side, but wants to give that effect. This gown is designed to be fitting and contour along your curves. This dress is similar to the mermaid style because it is suits ladies with lean and slim figures best. It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, the nature of this elongating dress is to make you look taller.

A-Line Gown

An A-Line Gown is a timeless classic which is appropriate for any kind of evening event. It has a fitted bodice and gradually flows out from the waistline to the ground with the shape of an ‘A’. This design is great for all figures but especially for ladies with larger bust. Although the A-Line dress’ skirt is not as full as the Ball Gown’s, it is also able to hide a large lower body and create a curvy illusion.

Empire Line Gown

This gown is has a high waistline that is right below your bust and the dress flares out to the hem. This design is especially perfect for pear-shaped figures as it helps disguise the bottom and emphasize the bust. Its added embellishments such as embroidery and sleeves will draw attention to the chest and neckline which will make you look like you are busty. The Empire dress can cover up unwanted body features like a large bottom, short torso or short legs since the dress flows from the bust line and these areas will be unseen.

Evening gowns are elegant pieces of clothing which aren’t suitable to be worn on simple occasions. You will look stunning when you wear the correct design that suits your body shape. You can try out different designs and choose the best one. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in that dress. Complete your look with a bracelet, earrings, clutch and a pair of beautiful heels and you are good to go!


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