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Different Sneaker Styles For Men

Speaking about shoes, most men have the wrong concept that only women have a specific liking and a passion for shoes. Truth is, there are men that are equally or even more obsessed about footwear than women are. These men would do whatever it takes to find the perfect pair of sneakers, despite it being of the latest model or not. It is important to own a good pair of footwear as they can alter your attire and help you fetch the look that you desire. Sneakers are one of the most famous footwear because they are extremely stylish and trendy in the present day of men fashion. So if you really care about your looks, it is necessary to have a pair of fashionable sneakers that are of good quality.

There is a wide variety of sneakers available in the market. Each individual have their own taste and liking when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of sneakers. When thinking about selecting a pair of sneakers, do consider the material, color, lace and every small detail of the sneaker. This is to ensure that the sneaker that you select is perfect for you. Here is a list of sneakers of different styles that you can select from.

Low Top Sneakers
Low top sneakers are one of the most popular sneakers for men. Its design covers the whole foot, but stops right below the ankle. Therefore, there is no covering for the ankle and is easier to wear. These sneakers are more suitable for casual wear. You can go for low top sneakers with full set laces or go with low top sneakers with a slip-on design if you are looking for something that is more convenient to wear. There is also an infinite amount of color, pattern and material for you to choose from. As mentioned above, different men have different tastes in shoes, so some men would prefer wearing a checkerboard canvas sneaker while other men might prefer wearing a leather sneaker.

Slip-On Sneakers
If you are aiming for a street look, the slip-on sneakers is perfect for you. Slip-on snickers are made in such a way that you can just slip your foot in without having to lace them up, which causes it to be very easy and convenient to wear. This is because it has an elastic upper which makes it very easy to slip your foot in and out of the shoe. Plus, the elastic upper provides a snug fit, which causes walking to be even more comfortable.

High Top Sneakers
These sneakers are designed so that it covers the ankle. This design helps provide support as well as coverage for the ankle. The idea of high top sneakers came from the design of basketball shoes, which requires fast movement as well as extra support for the ankle. High top sneakers have laces that goes all the way to the top of the shoe. This helps improve the stability of the wearer. They also come in many different design and colors, so there are various types of high top sneakers for you to choose from.

Next, we will be discussing about the material used for producing sneakers. The vast majority of sneakers are either in canvas or leather. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. Canvas sneakers are less expensive compared to leather sneakers and is said to be more breathable. But the downside of canvas sneakers is that they are not suitable for wet and cold conditions. On the other hand, leather sneakers are water resistant and is more durable compared to canvas sneakers. Another plus for leather sneakers is that it can be worn with both casual wear and formal wear. The cons of leather sneakers is that they are very expensive and are not as convenient as canvas sneakers.

After knowing the importance of selecting a footwear and the type sneakers to look for, shopping for you next sneaker wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Just make sure that the sneakers that you shop for are the ones that you truly like. Hopefully, you’ll finally be able to find the perfect pair of sneakers after reading this article.


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