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Denim Jeans Are The Best Travel Pants

Jeans and denims are the most versatile pieces of clothing in the fashion world. Would you believe me if I said they are also great to bring for travels? You might think that the fabric itself is pretty heavy to be brought on a vacation or a trip. Its bulky form would be hard to fit into your travel bag and can be inconvenient to carry it while traveling.
But put all these thoughts aside. Here are the top three reasons why jeans and denims are the perfect travel pants. Currently, preference of style and comfort is more than just a matter of looks. And with jeans you can get the best of both worlds without trying to make an effort.

Durable and Strong
Jeans are naturally durable and is able to go through wear and tear. It is made of cotton twill textile which is why the fabric is so sturdy. Some denim are even stretchable so you can wear it for outdoor activities during your trip such as hiking or long walks without feeling uncomfortable.

Low maintenance
They are also long-lasting as you don’t have to wash them up to a few days and they will still look good as new. On a side note, even if your jeans start to fade due to washing, it does add a whole new level of style to your look!
With that, you don’t have to bring too many pairs of pants for your trip. Two to three pairs of jeans would be more than enough for a week’s worth of traveling. However, some might consider wearing unwashed jeans for a long duration to be unhygienic. A tip would be to re-wear your jeans on alternate days to allow your jeans to breathe.

Denim jeans are very versatile and easy to style. Dark and sleeker denim would allow you to literally wear it with any top. If the weather is a little hot and humid, you could pair your jeans with a crop top or camisole. For a casual look, your jeans will go well with a plain or graphic t-shirt and sneakers. If you are planning on attending a night event, a nice blouse will pair nicely with your dark colored jeans. There are basically no rules with jeans! And did we mention that they are really comfy? It’s perfect for a chilled out and relaxed vacation.

Although there are cons to bringing jeans on your trip, but we think that the pros outweigh the cons! They are fashionable and are worn in most countries so you wouldn’t stand out as a tourist on your travels. We hope this give you the reasons to pack jeans for your upcoming trip! Bon Voyage!




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