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Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit Based on Your Body Type

Swimming is one of the exercises that most people enjoy. You can take it as a hobby, for leisure or as a sport. When we plan to go for a swim or just for relaxing, it is important to wear the correct swimwear so that you are able to enjoy your swim and also boost your confidence when wearing them. When it comes to wearing a swimsuit, knowing the structure of your body is very important. Basically, choosing the correct swimsuit can also be said as selecting a swimsuit that is appropriate for your body shape and size. Before you shop for the swimsuit, measure the bust, waist and hips and also take into consideration the color, details, and prints of the swimsuit. Select a swimsuit that can show off the best parts of your body to become more noticeable and to conceal the parts that aren’t so attractive.

You should take into consideration the type of support that the suit provides, which is great bra support. For large breasted woman, preferably a swimsuit is constructed with built in bra would be great choice. Some suits also come with under wired bra for better support. If you are pear shape or have smaller breasts, you probably don’t need to think much of having extra support around the bust. Swimsuits with pads for the bust would be sufficient for you.
Moving on, we have to understand the characteristic of our body shapes. Here are some guidelines to find out the best style to flatter your figure based on your body type.

Pear Shape or Triangle Shape

This type of body shape has small shoulders and bust, with larger legs, hips and thighs. In this case, you would want to draw attention towards the upper part of the body. Choosing bright colors and designs on the upper part of your swimsuit will draw attention to your shoulders, neck and bust. Halter tops is a great design which will make your smaller sized shoulders look nice and proportionate with your larger waist. To balance your shape well, choose dark, matte colors with lesser or no designs for the bottom part of the swimsuit.

Apple Shape or Inverted Triangle Shape
This body shape is the opposite of Pear shape. You have wider shoulders, larger chest, and narrow waist downwards. It is advisable to wear brightly colored prints with flowing designs and styles so to direct attention downwards. Choose plus size pieces with wide straps and full bust support or under wired bra. The most appropriate swimsuit for this body type are swim dresses, V necks, and with prints.

Hourglass Shape
Regardless you are plus size or not, hourglass figure is well proportioned on the top and bottom with a small waist. However, if you are plus size and have some problem areas, choose swimwear that highlights the best parts of your body while concealing your less attractive areas. For example, if you have a slim waist, show off this area. Choose swimwear that attracts the attention to the waist with belts, colors, and prints. You will suit most styles of plus size swimwear especially those that draw eyes to the waist.

Round Shape

Women with this shape are round from the shoulders to hips and would want a slimmer effect at the waist. Choose bold designs and colors on the top and dark colors on the bottom. Halters with low necklines are suitable and is stylish with a belt or other charming design feature. Go for vertical prints, because it is ideal for creating a trimmer shape. There prints that can effectively create illusions that make your waist look slim.

Ruler Shape or Rectangle Shape
This body size has straight proportions, equal from shoulders to hips Therefore you need to select swimwear that form a waistline. Halters will draw attention to nice shoulders, and revealing necklines also draw attention to an attractive bust. Your ideal choices of styles are the swimsuits with diagonal or visual illusion prints to create slender waist line.

The design of the swimsuits are getting more fashionable and there are many shops or online stores that have vast variety of designs for you to pick. When shop for swimwear, do take extra time to shop around and find the one that will suits you.


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