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Choosing and Wearing the Right Bra

Bras are essential for women from as young as 8 years old when their breasts start to grow. Choosing the right cup of bra at the beginning for the formation of the breast is important. Most mothers fail to recognize the importance of right fitting bras for their adolescents during puberty. Do not restrict the natural development of the breast during this period by buying the right fitting bra. This will prevent sagging and out of shape breasts.

Bras come in different shapes, fabrics and cutting of designs. There are full cup, half cup and three-quarter cup bras. There are also sport bras which is suitable for sports. For smaller bust find the bras that are with sponges it will cause the bust to look bigger. The under wired bra will give a push up effect which gives a fuller look. Avoid bra with sponges if you have bigger size bust. It is also important to find a bra which suits the structure of the breast and body. When you are buying the lingerie, take your time to try out the bras until you find the one that fits you. The sales assistant should be able to help and advise the right size and shape if you have doubts.

Wearing the right fitting bras also help you have good body posture and will not harm your back. Thus, the bra has to give your breasts full support. Find a bra that will contain your breasts entirely. Keep in mind that if it has extra space left between your breast and the bra cup, it is not the size for you. And also if your breast starts spilling out of the cup, you should go for a bigger cup size. The measurement and the cup play a very important role for good support of the breast. If the straps are too loose, it will not give you a good support and will easily slip off the shoulders. Besides that, the right bra will not be too tight on the under bust line as it will cause discomfort.

Adjust the straps so that it won’t be too tight on the back of your bra and on your bust. The correct position of the bra is that the entire bra should be in line with each other when you wear it, not one side higher than the other. You can also bend your body forward and push in extra bulges from the side of your back towards the front to fill up the bra cup so that it gives you a fuller bust. You can also go for thicker bra bands as it can help conceal extra bulges of fat or loose skin on your back or under your arms.

To clean and maintain the bra, wash it with mild detergent and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Peg the two straps on the hanger as in the worn position. Once the bra is out of shape, it is time to buy a new one. Always check the inner side of the cup for mildew and make sure the under wire is not rusty. This is to prevent injury to the breast tissue and always keep the body healthy.

Now you know how to choose the correct bra, do consider the material of the blouse, T-shirt or dress you are going to wear so that the fabric design or pattern of your bra will not be inappropriately visible. Choosing the right bra to wear for different occasions and to go with different clothes is essential. Bras are one of the most important clothing for women. Even though it cannot be seen, it is able to determine the shape and the way your bust looks. It will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.


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