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Choosing Activewear Fabrics

Sportswear can look either sloppy or fashionable, but it is a myth that sportswear cannot make you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Choosing the right fabric for your sportswear where style meets comfort and durability can be quite challenging. These are not just ordinary workout clothes, but activewear should serve the purpose of complementing your movements and also function well when you sweat. Here are a list of fabrics and some tips on choosing the right fabric which will suit your workout needs.

Natural Fabrics

Cotton is breathable and soft and is able to absorb moisture well. But its downside is that it will take an extremely long time to dry. Some would choose between cotton and polyester but it is advisable to choose cotton rather than synthetic fabrics because they cause bacteria to increase, and give out more post-workout odor. However, the good thing about cotton is that it can blend with other fabrics to create better material for low-sweat activities such as yoga or weight training.

Fabric made from bamboo is light, breathable and wicking. It also protects the skin from UV rays with UPF 50+. It also repels body odors with its natural qualities and also regulates the body temperature by providing warmth in the winter and keeping you cool in summer. Bamboo is an alternative to synthetic fabrics as it is more eco-friendly thus, being more expensive than other fabrics. The best activewear made from bamboo would be jerseys.

This naturally produced fiber is a good option for workouts as it is warm, breathable and comfortable. Merino wool is soft and less scratchy than normal wools and can blend with spandex fibers to maintain recovery. It has good moisture management and thermoregulation qualities.

Synthetic Fabrics
Spandex is one of the popular fabrics for activewear. It is well-known for the comfort it provides due to its stretchable material. This fabric is suitable for sports like yoga and stretching as a lot of bending is required. Some might consider spandex to be very tight and will cause difficulty in body movements but it will gradually become looser as you wash and iron it repeatedly or if you wear it often.

One of the popular synthetic fabrics is polyester. It is basically a durable, lightweight and wrinkle-free synthetic fabric. It is not able to absorb moisture, but the sweat from your skin evaporates instead of being absorbed into the clothing. Although synthetic fabric has its disadvantages, as mentioned in the above point, the new generation of technical fabrics allows moisture to evaporate on the surface of the clothing which will keep you cool. Some are both waterproof and breathable, which will not make you feel drenched and steamy after being caught in a heavy rain during your runs.

Nylon is a strong fabric and is considered as scratch resistant. It is non water-absorbent, and similar to polyester, moisture evaporates from the surface of the fabric. This synthetic fabric is soft, breathable and dries quickly. So if you going to have a heavy and sweaty workout, nylon sportswear would be the ideal fabric for you.


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