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Awesome Tips for Selecting the Right Wallet – Men

The wallet is the only accessory in the world that can assist in keeping all your cards and bills as well as enhance your style at the same time. By selecting the best wallet for you, you no longer have to worry about having crumpled notes in your pocket and missing cards. The wallet really gives an all time accommodation for your cards and bills, and helps add a stylish look to your vibe. It is also important that you select the perfect, fashionable and stylish wallet because you want to prevent switching your wallets too often to reduce the chances of losing important cards and notes.
Due to every man’s desire to own a cool and stylish wallet, the market has come up with multitudinous varieties of wallets. One of the tips in selecting the right wallet for you is to ensure the wallet you choose can depict your masculinity and does its duty in keeping your money and cards safely. Hence, it is advisable to select the perfect slim fit and classy wallet for you that is safe and in good quality.
Moving on, we will introduce to you a few different types of trending wallets which ensures that your stuff are kept well and helps you fetch a cool and stylish look.

Essential wallet
An essential wallet is a wallet that best suits to minimal. As the name suggests, it helps store the essential stuff for a man like dollar bills, credit cards etc. Essential wallets are the ones for you if you are a man that is minimal and only need to store very little and things that are essential for every man.

Checkbook wallet
If you tend to go overseas a lot, the checkbook wallet is the perfect wallet for you. Its design accommodates well in keeping tickets, checkbooks as well as passports on one side. On the other side, there are loads of compartments to store your cards, be it business cards, credit cards or name cards. Due to its long shape, it does not fit perfectly into most pockets, and are not ideal as a general wallet.

Zippered wallets
Are you a guy that carries a lot of bills, notes or papers with you? If you are one of them, the zippered wallet is perfect for you. This zippered wallet ensures that your papers and notes are kept securely. You do not have to worry about losing notes written by your friends, or losing important receipts anymore. Furthermore, this wallet can safely store your money and cards.

Bi-fold wallet
The Bi-fold is by far the most commonly used wallet by men. There are two types of bi-fold wallets. There is the plain bi-fold wallet, and the bi-fold coin wallet. The bi-fold coin wallet is a more preferred choice as it helps store coins in a more orderly manner. As an addition to that, it fits perfectly into blazer pockets as well as on back pockets of jeans. This standard wallet really helps you fetch the classy style and adds more coolness to your outfit.

Double sided clip wallet

Looking for a trickier wallet, go for the double sided clip wallet. The double sided clip wallet is more of style compared to substance. It clips your dollar bills into one thick wad, which is a sign of wealth for you. The downside for this wallet is that it does not accommodate for storing cards. This will suit you if you are one of those old school guys that only stores money and paper.
So going to go for your wallet shopping soon? Do keep these tips and options in mind and you should be able to find the wallet that suits you the most. Stay cool.


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