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Five Wardrobe Must-Haves for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

What should I wear? This is probably the toughest questions ladies ask themselves daily. But there are 5 wardrobe staples that will come to your rescue and definitely simplify your day-to-day dressing.
Fashion trends are bound to change as seasons and years go by. Especially in this fast-paced world we’re living in, these fashion trends are moving like bullet trains that are so hard to keep up with. Wardrobe staples are timeless pieces that are repeatable without anyone noticing. The key is to mix and match them to create different looks.
Here are 6 wardrobe must-haves that will never go out of style:
1. Plain tee shirt
You can never go wrong with tee shirts. Literally everything they are paired with will make your outfit look effortlessly stunning. Pair this versatile piece with shorts, jeans, pencil skirts or long skirts depending on the formality of the event. You can even layer it under a cardigan, tuck it into a skirt or pants for a more fashionable look.
2. Black jeans
A pair of black jeans is another versatile piece of clothing where you can dress them up to be both casual or formal. Unlike blue jeans, black jeans can be worn to formal events. Also, because black is the best slimming color, they make your legs look sleek and long!
3. Camisole
This is a simple top that can be worn at any occasion. Wear it on its own on a casual or hot summer day. It can also be worn when layered underneath an elegant blazer for a fancy dinner!
4. Little Black Dress
According to Karl Lagerfeld, “One is never overdressed or under dressed with a Little Black Dress.” This timeless dress can be dressed up or down and is suitable for any event. It is appropriate for cocktail parties, a casual day out or professional occasions.
5. Cardigan
A cardigan can be worn over everything from tees to dresses. The go-to colors are neutral colors like black and white, which will look great with any other color. Cardigans are not only fashionable and cute, they also keep you warm in cold weathers.

Do you ever crack your head every night planning your outfit for the next day?
Ladies, it’s time to clear out your closet and stock up on these wardrobe staples. Even when fashion trends change, rest assured knowing these few pieces of clothing will save you from any wardrobe malfunctions.


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