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Plus Size Fashion – Fabric and Patterns

So in the previous post, we covered the basics of plus size fashion. If you’re still looking for more tips, you’re in the right place. Even as choosing the right size and color is important, here is something also as important – fabric. The type of cloth and its pattern play an important role in plus size fashion.

There are different kinds of fabrics and patterns that will make you look flattering and more importantly make you feel comfortable. The thing to keep in mind is this: avoid heavy fabrics and shiny materials which will highlight the lumps and bumps of your body. Remember that we want to show off our curves instead of our bumps.

Let us discuss fabrics first. Flowy fabrics are encouraged and chiffon will do the job. Because of its drapey, fluid material, chiffon is very popular for plus size designs. This lightweight fabric is able to camouflage the part of your body where you don’t want attention because it is not skin tight. Fabric that drape perfectly along your curves will be able to accentuate your silhouette compared to baggy clothes which actually make you look bigger. Chiffon is also able to provide a soft and feminine look with its graceful and sheer appearance.

Speaking of shear, another tip for plus sized individuals is to go for sheer fabric. Again, because of this draped material, it is there to give an illusion of a smaller figure. Try going for blouses with sheer sleeves that will make your arms look slender. This style of fabric is especially popular during the spring or summer seasons. Sheerness is another reason why chiffon is amazing!

Next, cotton is also a great fabric for plus sized outfits. If it is hard to find clothing your exact size, and alternative is to go for more stretchable fabric such as cotton. Not only is it comfortable, breathable and easy to wash, it also makes you look slimmer because of its lightweight property that drapes along your body!

Moving on to patterns of fabric you should consider. Firstly, try going for patterns with vertical or diagonal stripes. This pattern works for all types of body shapes. The reason why this pattern is such a dear is because it distracts the eye to focus on the direction of the stripes than of the body. You want people to look at you from top to bottom and not sideways and vertical stripes will do the work for you. Did we also mention that vertical stripes will also make you look longer? Besides, stripes is always in style, so that’s a plus!

Another sort of clothing you should go for are clothing that have patterns or embroidery down the center. We mentioned that we want the eye to focus on you from top to bottom and if there are patterns down the center of your clothing, it will create a focus for one’s eye to do so. Embroidered patterns are elegant and authentic as the designs are usually hand-sewn.

If you want a simpler way to dress up but still look amazing and stylish, you can always match solid colored outfits that are made of the fabrics mentioned earlier. As we discussed in our previous post, dark colors are slimming. But you can always add some color to your outfit. A way to wear colors is to match either a dark colored top with a colorful flowy maxi skirt or vice versa. This way you won’t look too dull, thanks to your piece of colored clothing but still look slim with a dark colored piece. You get the best of both worlds!

Bring these tips out with you on your shopping trip so that you choose clothing with the right fabric and pattern. This will make sure you pick an outfit that will suit your body type which will in return boost your confidence level and make you feel amazing! Stay tuned for our next post of our Plus Size Fashion series on plus size fashion styles!


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