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Ideas on How to Properly Wear a Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress gives a curvy, sexy and feminine body shape. Many ladies are conscious about their bodies when they put on hugging clothes that will reveal the unattractive bulge here and there especially in the waist and abdomen. If you have the desire to wear bodycon dress and wondering how to make the best of the outcome, here are some tips on how to wear it appropriately:

Draw Attention To The Best Body Contour Line
The bodycon dress will definitely hug your entire body and give you an attractive look, it will bring out your best body contour. You should wear a strapless bodycon dress or a halter neck to reveal your beautiful shoulders and collarbones. If you have a slender and gorgeous legs then go for short length dress.

Girdle (Body Contour Underwear)
Some women are conscious about their body shapes especially the bulge in the waist and abdomen. You may consider wearing a girdle, which is a piece of tight underwear that makes you look slimmer and shapier.

Outer Layer
For some who may feel uneasy or self conscious to the contour of their bodies, you should add some layers on you. Put on a cardigan or a jacket. An oversize cardigan will make you comfortable especially if you are an active person who moves about a lot.

Choose the Thicker Material

For the case with bodycon dresses it is wise to go for the thicker fabrics dress so that it will not cling to your body as in a thin dress. Due to the tightness of the outfit, the thin material will put you at the risk of exaggerating the wrong areas of your body. Furthermore, the thick material will not accentuate the not so attractive areas of your body.

Choose the Right Color
If you are bold enough to pick a bright color that will make you noticeable, why not, just go for it. If you are slim and slender, you may choose lighter or pastel color. As for the bodycon dress preferably you choose dark colors as it will boost your self -esteem. Sometimes darker color outfit will you a great and confident look. It is also suitable for large size body.

Choose the Right Shoes
Bodycon dress gives you a gorgeous and feminine look provided you are wearing the right shoes. In order to achieve this, experts recommend that you wear your dress with high heels so that it will emphasize the slenderness of the body frame and the elongated legs. Suggested shoes are pumps, wedges or stilettos that will complete your look.

Finally, by achieving the glamorous look, you can put on the right accessories but remember not to over dress otherwise by over doing it, it will spoils the whole outfit.


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